Test-taking is a skill:

There are always one or two students who make the SAT look easy. They don't study and they don't take prep courses. They just waltz in and get a ridiculous score. And that messes it up for everyone else. Everyone else measures themselves against the one or two exceptional students and thinks they're "not good at standardized tests."

But test-taking is not an ability. Test-taking is a skill. And we can teach that.

We can teach you to do what those kids are intuitively doing - even if they don't realize what it is they're doing!


Test-taking is a performance:

We also put great emphasis on the performance aspect of test-taking. All the circumstantial and psychological aspects of taking a 4-hour high pressure test - like having to get up early on a Saturday, finding the location and parking, managing distractions, handling performance pressure, the expectations of their parents and the pressure they put on themselves, sustaining a focus over several hours, employing time management, to name a few - can have a significant impact on a student’s performance. The mental game of test-taking is critical.

Performance is coachable. We can teach that.