Relative to the age of the test-taker, the ISEE may be the hardest test out there for young students. We treat this test as a junior SAT, and therefore, we treat the academic content of the test as prerequisite to the real work. While we'll teach any and all material presented on the test, we focus on the elements of the test that are unlike anything encountered in school. There's a big difference "Verbal Reasoning" and vocabulary, between "Quantitative Reasoning" and academic math, and students' scores often reflect that. And that discrepancy is where we focus our attention.

In our 12 hour package, we can introduce the student to each of the five sections of the test (including the essay, which is not scored, but is sent to the schools) and also review them in follow up sessions, after the student has done homework.

For continued practice leading up to the test, ongoing tutoring is recommended.  After the initial twelve hours have been completed, we’ll make a plan, based on the available time, progress, strengths and weaknesses and budget. 

Mock tests are highly encouraged. The makers of the ISEE do not publish their tests, so we offer mock tests which are similar to actual ISEE, giving students valuable opportunities to increase their ability to sustain a focus over three hours and to begin to manage distractions, pressure and expectations.